Our Technology

Our technology


In order to satisfy these customers and ensure a quality product, VALORFLAKES has made available a very advanced technology.


Selective sorting and crushing line for PET bottles with a capacity of 4t/h :

In order to ensure a high quality raw material, VALORFLAKES has set up a workshop for sorting and crushing PET bottles.


The reception of the bottles as well as the sorting and crushing phase goes through a reinforced quality control system.


The workshop is run by a team trained in the method of selective bottle sorting.


Hot washing line for crushed PET with a capacity of 4t/h :

VALORFLAKES uses a "SOREMA" hot washing line known for its


  • Roughness:SOREMA allows us to treat our material while eliminating all types of contaminants and ensuring a treatment without failure or wear.

  • Maintainability:SOREMA allows us to have easy control over the condition of the machine as well as a shorter downtime due to maintenance.

  • Reliability:SOREMA allows us to have a high quality and more economical product due to its developed technology.     


Optical sorting line :

  • TITECH: Detects and removes all types of materials other than PET, metals and colours.

  • Angelon: Detects and removes any type of color.

  • Benting: Detects and removes ferrous and ferrous metals

  • SOSETC : Detects and removes ferrous and ferrous metals




Created in 2012 in the industrial zone Zriba Hammam in Zaghouan with a capacity of 30000t/year, VALORFLAKES leader in the recycling and marketing of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET).

Factory Address: Lot N°11 ZI. Zriba hammam, 1152 Zaghouan – Tunisia
Head Office Adress: Imm. Narimene – Second floor – Street Chott Mariem 1002 Montplaisir – Tunis – Tunisia
Tel.: 00216 71 905 945 00216 71 904 417

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